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Social. Mobile. Analytics. Cloud.

Mantra is a provider of cutting-edge Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) solutions to small and midsize businesses. Our global team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is committed to technical excellence and innovation. With offices in Atlanta and Pune and clients across USA, our solutions are cost-effective, on time and within budget. We are a trusted partner for our clients.

Cost effective Mobile Apps & Testing with global teams

Mobile Apps

Mantra has a dedicated Mobile Center of Excellence (CoE) and a large expert developer team working on mobile computing solutions and mobile applications. Mantra has experience in various tools, platforms & frameworks for development, analytics, viarality, testing. Mantra, over the years, has carried out many projects in the Mobile Computing workspace.
Mobile Solutions | Financial | Healthcare | Legal | Engineering | Biometric | Android | iOS.

Cost effective Cloud Apps & Testing with global teams

Global and Local Teams

By operating in a global, highly competitive environment, Mantra has gained an invaluable expertise and experience in various business verticals. Solutions that we offer are focused on business goals of clients. Over the years, Mantra has gained deep expertise in Financial, Healthcare and Telecommunication domains.
Financial Services | Business Solutions | Insurance | Debt Collections | HealthCare | ISVs.

Cost effective Mobile Apps & Cloud consulting with local teams

Technology Consulting

Mantra Consulting is one of the fastest growing IT staffing and services firm in the southeast. As one of the growing minority and privately owned staffing firms in the U.S., Mantra Consulting focuses on providing our clients with high-quality technical professionals and services to support their business and IT initiatives.
Analytics | Big Data | Cloud | Oracle | Data Warehouse.


Smart, Agile, Imaginative

Global teams of Mantra engineers have accumulated many years of experience in many different technologies ranging from Cloud to Mobile to .NET. Using our unique Global Sourcing Model, we provide our clients with superior quality Cloud and Development and Testing solutions. MSource is Mantra's proven App and Cloud development platform that spans the entire lifecycle of App / Cloud Product development, from scoping to implementation and beyond. Global teams of Mantra engineers have accumulated many years of experience in many different technologies ranging from Cloud to Mobile.

Technology Solutions


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